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Wet Nose Wednesday - 03/22/23

  • Meet Crackle
    • Hi, I'm Crackle! I am a very shy girl, but the most outgoing of me and my sisters. As long as I can walk slowly and mosey around new places I'll do just fine. I know I am too big to be considered a lap dog, but boy do I love curling up and sitting right by my human friends here.
  • Meet Alexis

Wet Nose Wednesday - 03/08/23

  • Meet Diesel
    • Meet Diesel! This guy is so wiggly and full of love! Diesel is quite nervous in the shelter environment, but look how cute he is in his thundershirt! He can't wait to meet you and find his forever home!
  • Meet Edwardo
    • Say hello to Edwardo! This big, handsome boy is all about the cuddles! He is very relaxed and always down for some head scratches. Edwardo is also very special because he has FIV and diabetes. Feline immunodeficiency virus is very manageable and Edwardo can still live a long, happy life. The most important things that he needs are a loving home, a healthy diet, and regular vet visits. His diabetes is currently being managed with insulin and special food -- but he was just recently diagnosed so we have further follow up testing to do.

    • We know there is a special person out there who will give Edwardo the life he has always deserved -- and they will embrace his uniqueness! Did we mention his chubby cheeks? Who wouldn't want to snuggle that big head every day!?

      Edwardo is currently looking for a foster-to-adopt home. We will continue to provide veterinary care during the foster period. If you have any questions about his care, please reach out and we'd be glad to tell you more! His insulin is very easy to administer in the morning and evening.

    • Give us a call at (989) 775-0830, stop in during open hours, or submit our online adoption application!

Wet Nose Wednesday - 03/01/23

  • Meet Isiah
  • Meet Binx
    • Hi! I am Binx! I am loved by all of the staff here at HATS because I am just an absolute sweetheart! My favorite hobbies include flopping over for pets and taking nice long naps! I occasionally will bat around some toys, but I just do it to look cute in hopes I will get some attention! I want nothing more than peaceful home where I can gets lots of love!

Wet Nose Wednesday - 02/15/23

  • Meet Rex
    • Smart, handsome, and friendly! What more could you ask for? Meet Rex! This charming young man is always ready for a game of fetch - he loves to play with tennis balls! Rex also enjoys going on car rides where he can sit shotgun and observe everything passing by. He walks well on a leash and goes to the park regularly with volunteers. Rex has been patiently waiting for over a year to find his forever home! He was adopted once, and was a great houseguest, but we learned that he is better suited for a home with older kids or just adults. He is potty trained, knows basic commands, and he is only 4-years-old! To set Rex up for success, he should be the only pet in the home. Rex can't wait to meet his new best friend... Could it be you? Come meet this happy-go-lucky boy today! He's never met a person he doesn't love!

Wet Nose Wednesday - 01/04/23


Wet Nose Wednesday - 01/04/23

  • Meet Moose
    • Meet our largest resident right now! Don't let his massive size fool you! He most certainly is a gentle giant! Moose loves to show off his tricks too! Shit, shake, lay down as long as you have a treat for him he will not be shy about showing you!

Wet Nose Wednesday - 12/21/22

  • Meet Mau
    • Hi, I'm Mau! I am the perfect combination of loving, playful and cuddly! I like to mix it up often. Have some catnip? We will be best friends in no time! Watch me roll, jump and lick up all the catnip as soon as you give it to me! Once I'm done playing, I will most certainly nuzzle up to with some sweet purrs and then settle in for one long cat nap.

      Mau is 8-years-old and he is front-declawed. He would do best in a relaxed home with adults that understand the long-term effects and needs of a declawed cat. This may include pain management and working through behavioral challenges caused by the trauma of the surgery.

Wet Nose Wednesday - 12/14/22

Wet Nose Wednesday - 12/07/22

  • Meet Cooper!
    • Hi, I'm Cooper! I am a very vocal guy and love to talk. I'll talk your ear right off if you let me! Two of my favorite things-besides talking, is to find a high spot where I can perch and watch everything around me and mouse toys! I can't wait to find my forever home where I can have all the things I love.

      I do have one special request...I love my big fluffy bed and I'm hoping that my next home will give me one of my very own! I also enjoy playing and I wouldn't mind another active kitty friend!
  • Meet Wiley!

Wet Nose Wednesday - 11/30/22

  • Meet Matty!
    • He's a stud and he knows it too! Matty loves to be around people and is certainly a social butterfly. Matty would be a great side kick to have around for any situation! This charming boy loves to be around people and will never turn down belly rubs.
  • Meet Cranberry!
    • Hi, I'm Cranberry! Hmmmm....something fun about me? Well, I love playing with mouse toys. I love to chase and paw at them. I could do that all day long. But then I remember that there's food, so I take a break to chow down some of my wet food. Mouse toys and wet food sure are the way to my heart and of course always make me happy!

Wet Nose Wednesday - 11/23/22

  • Meet Imelda!
    • This shy girl is looking for a home where she can get all the cuddles! She is only 1-year-old and still has those cute kitten vibes! She takes a minute to warm up to new people, but when she does, boy is she just a purring machine!

Wet Nose Wednesday - 11/16/22

  • Meet Zelda!
    • This spunky puppy is looking for an active buddy to take her home! If you didn't already guess from those big ears, Zelda is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. At only 6-months-old, she needs lots of exercise and would benefit from puppy obedience classes. She loves to meet new people and enjoys going on walks with our volunteers!
  • Meet Princess Daisy!
    • Hi, I am Princess Daisy! It is so lovely to meet you. I am looking for a castle of my very own! I recently raised three kittens, and now I am ready to be the center of attention! I would love to be your sidekick and go on adventures with you! I am beautiful, affectionate, and they call me a little purring machine!

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