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Ace of Diamonds - 406 South Mission Street,

Mt Pleasant, MI


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Why Ace of Diamonds is the Expert

Kriss, the owner, has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years. Her father was Dale Jarrett, founder of Jarrett the Jeweler. After her father passed she opened Ace of Diamonds in downtown Mount Pleasant. After 16 years she is back in her fathers building. Kriss has her GIA certificate and is a member of IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization) Which has very strict standards in the industry and also a member of RJO. She has studied diamonds and gemstones her whole life and has whole life and has even been to Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, several times. Ace of Diamonds is also very proud to say that Rebecca Brookens is our jeweler. She has been working with Kriss for 18 years and has over 23 years experience. She is a graduate of LaserStar Training School. All of our repair work is done in house with both torch repair and laser repair. We pride ourselves in being the first to market with new designs, technology, and innovations. Ace has Counter Sketch CAD designing in house also, so you can design your own creations.


Q: Why is my ring causing a rash on my finger?
A: Commonly, if you wear your rings doing household chores your ring will get dirty. Once it gets dirty, it causes a build up underneath the stones that can cause a reaction under your ring which can leads to rashes. The best thing you can do to prevent this is to remove your jewelry while doing chores and bring it in for professional cleaning every 6 months. You can soak your ring in warm water and mild dish soap at home any time but do it in a jar with a lid so no one accidentally dumps it out!

Q: How often should I get my ring cleaned and checked?
A: At least twice a year and we do it FREE! We inspect your rings at no charge any time you come in. We look for tight stones, thin prongs and channels, and if there are any chips in your stones. If we find anything wrong, we will do an estimate on spot for you.

Q: I inherited a ring from my Grandma, and I really done like it. What should I do with it?
A: There are a variety of options. The first is to trade the ring in for cash for instore credit. If it’s very sentimental but you just can’t convince yourself to love it then bring it in and we can redesign it on our counter sketch and use all grandma’s stones. Sometimes just adding a couple bands to each side will jazz it up to!

Q: What is Counter Sketch?
A: Counter Sketch is a computer aided design software that we use for designing jewelry. Our associates are trained to help you create the perfect ring, pendant, or earrings. Our CAD is located in the store and we design every day. All you need to do is bring your items in and you can sit down with our designers to come up with the perfect design. It’s more affordable then you think.

Q: Do you do laser jewelry repair?
A: Yes, we do! By using laser jewelry repair we are able to look closer at the problem and really pinpoint the issue. Our laser allows us to work on gold, silver, platinum, and on occasion glasses. We are able to work on jewelry with softer stones such as Opal, emerald, and tanzanite because the heat is so fast and precise.

A Good Thing to Know

Don’t wear silver jewelry in a swimming pool and never wear it in a jacuzzi! Silver hates chlorine and it really hates ultrasonic waves. Combine the two and your beautiful Pandora bracelet turns black in a flash. If that happens, bring it to us for a free professional cleaning and polishing. You’ll have to leave it for a day or two but you will get it back looking like new. Gold jewelry should not be worn in chlorine over a long period of time either. So if you swim weekly take it off.








I-Ride - 2100 Transportation Dr., Mount Pleasant, MI
Phone: 989.772.9441


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Why I-Ride is the Expert

I-Ride has been providing county wide public passenger transportation in Isabella County area since 1974. They are dedicated to providing safe, reliable transportation to all members of our community, operating seven days a week, 359 days per year, to meet varying transportation needs. With its fleet of 45 buses, I-Ride not only provides transportation in Isabella, Midland and Mecosta counties, but also partners with Alma Transit Center. I-Ride offers 3 trips per day to Alma and ATC offers 3 trips per day to Mt. Pleasant. Covering over 600 square miles, I-Ride provides over 600,000 rides per year. Out-County service is available throughout the weekdays at least seven times per day per region. Service is more limited on the weekend.


Q: Where can I go with I-Ride?

A: I-Ride can pick you up and drop you off curbside to any location within Isabella County.  Additionally, regional transportation is available through connections with the neighboring transportation partners in Midland, Mecosta, Clare, and the City of Alma.  Call for details.

Q: I want my child to use I-Ride to get to and from school. How does that work?

A: Just call I-Ride to set up your schedule. Cost is $1.50 per trip and you can get an even better fare by purchasing the 44 ride punch pass. You can also conveniently pay for an entire semester up front.

Q: How do I go about arranging transportation for myself?

A: Call I-Ride to talk to an operator to build your rider profile. They will take some basic information from you, including if you have special needs. Then schedule your trip. Any time you need I-Ride, please remember to call a day ahead. They will try to accommodate you with shorter notice, but since demand is growing, calling ahead ensures you have a ride.

Q: Can I rent an entire bus for an extended period of time for a special occasion?

A: No, all services provided by I-Ride are open door.  This means we coordinate the use of our vehicles to share vehicles with multiple clients going in similar directions.  With that in mind we can schedule trips to groups within our usual service parameters, but rides may be shared with unassociated passengers.  Large groups should be scheduled well ahead of time.  Call for details.


A Good Thing to Know 

A career with I-Ride provides you an opportunity to help others. I-Ride hires mechanics, drivers, reservationists and maintenance workers. Visit ICTC.Bus.com to apply for any of these rewarding positions.



Pleasant Pediatrics - 

1970 Ashland Drive,

Mt. Pleasant, MI
Phone: 989.772.1500




Why Pleasant Pediatrics is the Expert


We have been voted #1 four of the last five years. We are accessible whether you have an appointment or not and we take care of all children regardless off illness. We are dedicated to the care of children and enjoy what we do. The health of your child is our passion.


Q: Is my child in the appropriate carseat?

A: Please visit our website for a link to the new 2011 guidelines. pleasanthealthcare.com

Q: Is my child up to date on his/her immunizations?

A: Please call our office 989.772.1500.

Q: What are the age guidelines for physicals?

A: At birth, 2 months, 4 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 15 month, 18 month, 24 month, 30 month, 36 month, 4 years and yearly after that.

Q: Is my child due for a physical?

A: Please call our office 989.772.1500.

A Good Thing to Know

With the winter months upon us there are many things to remember for your child/children. Always remember to make sure they dress appropriate for the changing temperatures this time of year. With flu season upon us our office offers flu shots as well as the flu mist for ages 6 months through 17 years of age. We also offer all of your child’s vaccinations to keep them healthy all year long and as they grow. Children need to be reminded of good hand washing techniques, not to share food and/or drinks, not to share chap sticks, and not to share toothbrushes to aid in the prevention of contracting and spreading illnesses. Keeping children’s bedding and toys clean after an illness will also help with the prevention of another illness or spreading germs to others in the household.


Call Pleasant Pediatrics as a 1st line of defense in your child’s well being and healthcare. Our educated and caring healthcare providers and staff offer expert advice and care, and can aid you in the best course of treatment for your child. We offer walk in appointments every day until 6:30 pm for your convenience. Feel free to call our office at 989.772.1500.